Fire Rescue Beta 0.95

Hi firefighters!

we are delighted to provide you with another great update of Fire Rescue!
Please spread the word and keep the feedback coming.


New features:

  • Goal system
    • A goal system has been added to offer more variety. Some levels focus on saving as much forest as you can while others focus on saving as much city as you can.
      • Save the city 
        • Counts the number of city tiles as a goal. Fire will burn them to the ground.
      • Save the forest
        • Counts the number of rest as before
    • Part of this is also the foundation for a new high-score system which also saves your highest score for each level. this will further be used when implementing the side goals in the next release.
  • Pipe system
    • A pipe system ahs have been added as a level element. those heat up when near a fire and can blow up which can start a chain reaction.
  • Language selection 
    • the selection is now saved for the next session
  • Radio system
    • The radio is now limited to 3 outbreaks to not overwhelm the player

Bug Fixes:

  • The player won't lose mouse selection anymore when hovering the plane selection over a building
  • The clock didn't show "end of shift" correctly when in American mode
  • The clock now displays the correct language
  • Buildings that can explode will remove the attention reaction when fires near to them are extinguished

Next release:

  • Side goals
    • Protect the train
    • Protect the refinery
    • Save at least % forest (interesting when the main goal is the city)
    • Save at least % city
    • Avoided explosions
    • Fight x fires
  • rebalancing of levels
  • reset game (the high scores)
  • Minimap
  • Improved train system
  • Add more levels
  • Basic tutorial system

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Mar 07, 2023

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