Fire Rescue Alpha 8

Whats new?

  • Fire tanker fixed and improved:
    • Various mouseover state would corrupt the planes control and cause bugs
    • The watered area was increased to empower the plane and make it more meaningful
  • Heli fixed:
    • Game crashed on multiple levels when using the helicopter because of corrput states
    • Various mouseover bugs fixed
  • Handcrew improved
    • There were several states where the handcrew did not water the clicked tiles

Next features we are working on:

  • Level structure in general
    • Every level will have one focus topic to be intorduced
  • Fire fighters on foot & handcrew improvements
    • Fire fighters on foot will be added to allow reaching ares the fi engines can reach (will be slow though)
    • Improved moevement for the handcrews will be added
  • Advanced train system 
    • Train will be able to block roads, catch fire
    • Train switches will help the player to redirect trains
  • Multiple language system
    • System to change language will be implemented 
    • German and spanish will be added
  • "Thank you" system
    • Rescuing and firefighting will give you bonuses like instant fire tanker or more hand crew
  • Smarter Fire spreading system
    • The system currently checks for forest and spreads it over time. There should be a more balanced way that the fire spreads.

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Jan 06, 2023

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