Fire Rescue Alpha 7

Thanks everyone for playing and welcome if you are new to this game!
We have a new version for you :)

Added features:

  • Train: A train was added as a general feature. It will circle the map and is able to catch fire.
  • Path for fire engines: The game shows the path the fire engines will drive.
  • Radio: The radio will show you if smoke in the woods has been detected.
  • Pause Mode: Hit space to pause the game and plan your next moves.
  • Cursor:  Added a state fot the handcrew that thy can water meadows to slow own fire. Still needs to be improved!

Bug fixes & improvements:

  • Fixed the helicopter which simply didnt work.
  • Level 4 has been balanced a bit easier
  • Made handcrew easier to use

Please keep the feedback coming so we can improve the game.

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Jan 02, 2023

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