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Is this really made in Stencyl?

Yes :)
Devlog is here:,28359.0.html

Wow.... just... WOW! I love this game.

Thank you very much! Make sure to follow me to get infos on new games.

looks amazing only from the trailer
also free ??

I hope you add co-op story if possible 

Thanks for your kind words!
I was planning for it but dropped it due to complexity and costs. 
As you know the game is for free and quite complex.

Share the game if you want to spuuort me.

this game is Amazing!!! i love it

Thank you :) 

For a game I randomly stumbled upon while browsing itch at 2am, I was really surprised by this one.

Its extremely well polished and very fun experience, I'm really surprised its available for free.

Thanks for the kind feedback!

I remember that game on Stencyl forum :3

Yes thank you :)

This is such a nice game! Thanks for creating.

Thanks :)

Man, I remember seeing this when I frequented the Stencyl forums, back when it was "Space Pirate game" or something like that. Congratulations on the big 1.0!

Yes it changed quite a bit since then ;)

Looking forward to trying it out!

Thanks :)